DLP: Week One Challenge One Complete

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January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
January 1
Art Challenge: Book Paper
Journal Prompt: Be Your Own Goal Keeper


It’s difficult to see, but I have ledger book paper pictured above off the right that I used to punch tags out of and then I placed them throughout the page spread once I glued down the book pages. I used two different rubber stamped images – one of a tree and one of a butterfly – in each corner.


This is how the finished page spread turned out. I used Distress Ink markers to color in the background, to write out my goals on the punched out tags, and to trace around the tags. I used the Galaxy White marker to color in the background where I wrote out the information for the January Journal prompt. I drew a swirling dotted line from goal to goal using the ultra-fine tipped sharpie to make it look like the butterfly was flying from the tree and going from goal to goal. I also used the sharpie to write the number on each goal tag.


I haven’t done any additional work to the cover because I’m saving that for week two. I want to make small additions each week. Then, I’m going to move on to the inside covers, the interior envelope, and the inside flap. That way, when I finish the challenges quickly, I can still have additional areas within this journal to complete creative work.

Until next time, happy creating!



DLP: Week One Challenge One

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January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
January 1
Art Challenge: Book Paper
Journal Prompt: Be Your Own Goal Keeper

I haven’t finished the first challenge (we’re only on the second day!), however there are MANY participants in the group who are . . . this impresses (and surprises) me. I’m impressed because some of the work is incredible. I’m surprised because some of the layers look like they would need a lot of time to dry.


Here is the first layer of my layout. I chose to use the inspiration from this blog post by Sandi Keene: Welcome to DLP 2015!┬áNotice that I didn’t copy her style directly, but I mirrored it in many ways. In the picture above, I haven’t glued down the book papers yet, but I did start documenting calendar items along the side using Distress Ink markers and a Utra Fine tipped Sharpie.


This picture shows the stamps I used on the calendar area of the layout, and how I measured everything out before figuring out the placement of the book papers. I received this set of stamps (love the wooden box!) from my mother for Christmas and I love that I’ve been breaking them in on the cover and page of this project.


Speaking of the cover, I was right, I am inspired to add more to it as I work on the pages within this journal. I used my Galaxy Marker (It’s the first time I’ve used this white marker despite having it for months – love this thing!) to doodle around the painted area. Tonight, when I work more on my page spreads, I’m going to add the word “Discover” to the area where I have the marker placed.

All participants in The Documented Life Project have been encouraged to choose a “word” for this year. I’ve decided to choose the word “Discover” because I’m turning 40 on January 14th and, as everyone knows, that’s a monumental (milestone?) celebration. Therefore, I’ve decided to make this a year of discoveries. Who knows how that will translate!? :D

Happy New Year 2015!


From our family to yours, we want to wish you a
happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!


The Documented Life Project: The Cover


As some of you may already know, I’m participating in The Documented Life Project again this year. I attempted last year, but ended up spectating more than participating. I tried to complete many of the challenges, but life (and myself….more myself….I admit wholeheartedly that I’m using life as an excuse here) got in the way. I’m not letting that happen again this year.

Last year, the Art to the 5th girls decided to start this project (it was the first year ever launching this creative venture) using Moleskin planning journals, but they encouraged every participant to work in blank books or planners they felt comfortable using. So, the group really felt liberated and the creative juices flowed well. The work shared within the Facebook.com project group, simply put, is AMAZING and inspired many to continue forward week after week. The group, in fact, is who encouraged me (not in words written to me, but through actions and their own creations) to participate this year.

This leads me to the presentation of my cover. I’m not *completing* my cover because, knowing me as a “creative,” I’ll want to add more and more throughout the year. That’s how I’ve always been in previous years with other covers for other projects, so I don’t want to place any limitations on this one. Here is the process I used for creating this one:


The Art to the 5th girls decided on a Dylusions journal this year. Participants could choose between a large or a small one. I decided to go with a large one because I don’t like using small art journals. I’ve tried working in them in the past and it’s never worked out well. Rather than trying to do that again (already knowing it’s “not my style), I decided to go with what I already know works.


I went with a neutral back drop so, later on, I could add any color to this cover and it wouldn’t clash. I knew, initially, I would be working with muted and subtle tones and that this first layer of color would work well for what I had in mind. Plus, this first layer wouldn’t require a layer of gesso, which I’m currently out of. So, it’s a win-win. :D



It’s a little bit difficult to see, but in this shot I penciled in a rectangle where that beige-ish bone-type colored paint is going to go. (Like how technical I am with my paint color names?)


Once the paint was dry, I tried inking on a rubber stamped image. The ink pad I have is too small for the stamp, so it wouldn’t load the ink. So, I painted on some black paint. As you can see from the blotchy results, the image DID NOT come out as I intended. That’s okay, though, because I still like it and I’m still going to work with it as best as I can.


This is the finished journal cover! After the black paint dried, I used “Distress Ink” markers to color in the area. I found a piece of card stock in the supplies I received for Christmas that read, “Our Life Documented” while the paint was drying and thought it was the PERFECT addition to this project. The stamped letters and image were also a gift I received for Christmas, so it was nice to be able to use these gifts for this project.

I’m looking forward to the first prompt of the year to be released – it should be any moment now!

Page 365: It’s Time to Start a New Book


I’ve got my art supplies set out on my side of my table, complete with my Dylusions Journal for The Documented Life Project all ready to go. I have my computer, printer, printer paper, and binder all set up on the other side of my table all ready to go so I can set up my Passion Planner. This is how I’m finishing the final page of this year – by working on how I’m beginning the new year.

The bills are getting paid and stuff . . . .

In the midst of this creativity, I am still working on things that need to happen to pay the bills. I have 20 300-word articles sitting in my queue that need writing (they’re in progress, mind you), I have website updates that need to occur (they are also in progress), and I have couponing that needs to be finished (I’m working on a “Re-fill My Freezer Challenge” on my other website).

School vacations, colds, and the color turquoise . . . oh my!

Our children are also on vacation this week and, even though my stepdaughter has been with her mom all week, my sons are home with us and it’s been BUSY. So, there’s that. On top of all of this, I’ve had a cold that JUST WON’T GO AWAY. It’s going around like wildfire. I blame the color turquoise because, really, what other nonsense can you blame when crap like this creeps up and is uncontrollable? So, turquoise gets the blame. Sorry turquoise! Last time it was the color orange. ;)

Have any of you set New Year’s Resolutions?

I’ve thought about setting some, and I’ve also thought about making a list of writing and (or) art journal prompts to help my fellow creatives stay sparked throughout the year. I don’t really know what kind of following I have on this site because there are only two or three of you who interact with me on here. So, I have no idea if something like that would be of use to anyone or not. What say YOU?

I’m off for now – I’ll post pics of the journal cover and planner when they’re finished!