One and a Half More Updates!


I’m still updating, but this time it was an update to this site that was supposed to happen yesterday and one update to the Facebook page associated to this site . . . that I didn’t even know could happen. Therefore, I’ve completed one and a half more updates today. :D

The update I made today that was supposed to happen yesterday was for the page associated with my Maine-ly Motherhood website. This project is going to (IT IS GOING TO) grow this year (IT WILL). See what I just did there? I’m setting my intension. It will happen now. IT WILL. So there. It’s happening. End of story. I’m finished writing a series of fragmented sentences about that, too. *smiles*

Here is the page I’ve updated about that: Maine-ly Motherhood

The update didn’t turn out at all like I envisioned in my mind, but . . . like the site, I guess that’s fitting. The site didn’t turn out at all like I envisioned in my mind, either. I’m thinking I’ll keep changing around the page associated with this site just like I’m going to keep changing around the site. So, if you feel inclined to do so, check back from time to time for changes. :D

The other “half” update I performed today was adding a call to action to my Facebook page associated with this website. There is now a “Shop Now” button on the page right next to the “Like” button. This makes it easier to find my shop. I contemplated adding the link to my Amazon page to the button, but it’s been so long since I’ve added new titles, it made more sense to include my shop because my paintings are more recent.

Here is the Facebook page with the call to action: Jennifer Greenleaf, Author & Artist

Now that I’m finished with these updates, I’ll move on to building up the content and updating Maine-ly Motherhood. That project needs so much attention and, now that I’ve finished giving this site the attention (preliminary, mind you) it needs, I can properly focus my attention over there. I’m going to incorporate a blogging binder back into the fold like I used to use routinely four or five years ago. I regret letting that slip from my daily doings.

In the meantime, happy writing!

New Year Equals Page Updates


Today, I’m going to the notebooks.

It’s been a long time since I’ve completed page updates on this site, so that’s part of today’s to-do list. I’ve been diligently working on creating a list of clips and profiles for about two or three days, and created a new page to showcase these efforts. It occurred to me that I needed this information on my site after sending out a number of resumes this month where I needed clips to go along with them. I’ve sent clips in the past but it would be so much easier to pull specific links right from my site, or include the all-inclusive page as it pertains.

The clips page is not complete as I know there are a lot more links hidden in the crevices of the Internet. Once upon a time I had this list complete. As each link was published, I would update the list on my computer and it was all said and done. I had the list updated in a forum, as well as a back-up on my computer. However, I did not back up on disk. That was my mistake because the computer is the likes of a boat anchor now. *sigh* So, I’m back to square one now and, as I work, I’ll continue sharing the link.

Here is that new page: Jenn’s Clips & Profiles

In addition to creating that new page, I updated my Events page to include interviews. This page is also under construction because I know there are more interviews out there.

Here is the page as I work: Jenn’s Events & Interviews

The next page I updated is my About Jenn area, but I didn’t do a whole there. I just made some tweaks to the ages of our children and edited the note from me to include that I like writing about art from time to time . . . okay . . . a LOT. *smiles* One of these days, I’ll post a more up to date profile picture. Until then, the one featured from 2008 (or is it 2007?) will have to do. :D

Here is are the updates: About Jenn

I still need to update the page I have dedicated to Maine-ly Motherhood. It’s sad. There is one sentence and a logo leading to the site. There’s no call to action, no description, and no bullet points enticing readers to click the logo and head to the site. Pathetic. It needs attention. BAD. It’s been sitting like that ever since I launched Maine-ly Motherhood. Terrible. I have no problem owning up to this short-coming because I fully intend to rectify the situation. See? It’s right there on my to-do list. In pen.

Here’s my UN-updated page: Maine-ly Motherhood (ew…yucky….bad Jenn…..)

I have a number of deadlines on today’s schedule that are far more pressing that updating that page. So, I will tend to those first. Once those deadlines are taken care of, I’ll give that page the attention it deserves. Then, I will also head over to that site and update its pages and content as well. In addition to this site needing desperate attention . . . that site does as well.

In the meantime, happy writing!

DLP: Week One Challenge One Complete

dlp{Image credit}

January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
January 1
Art Challenge: Book Paper
Journal Prompt: Be Your Own Goal Keeper


It’s difficult to see, but I have ledger book paper pictured above off the right that I used to punch tags out of and then I placed them throughout the page spread once I glued down the book pages. I used two different rubber stamped images – one of a tree and one of a butterfly – in each corner.


This is how the finished page spread turned out. I used Distress Ink markers to color in the background, to write out my goals on the punched out tags, and to trace around the tags. I used the Galaxy White marker to color in the background where I wrote out the information for the January Journal prompt. I drew a swirling dotted line from goal to goal using the ultra-fine tipped sharpie to make it look like the butterfly was flying from the tree and going from goal to goal. I also used the sharpie to write the number on each goal tag.


I haven’t done any additional work to the cover because I’m saving that for week two. I want to make small additions each week. Then, I’m going to move on to the inside covers, the interior envelope, and the inside flap. That way, when I finish the challenges quickly, I can still have additional areas within this journal to complete creative work.

Until next time, happy creating!



DLP: Week One Challenge One

dlp{Image credit}

January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
January 1
Art Challenge: Book Paper
Journal Prompt: Be Your Own Goal Keeper

I haven’t finished the first challenge (we’re only on the second day!), however there are MANY participants in the group who are . . . this impresses (and surprises) me. I’m impressed because some of the work is incredible. I’m surprised because some of the layers look like they would need a lot of time to dry.


Here is the first layer of my layout. I chose to use the inspiration from this blog post by Sandi Keene: Welcome to DLP 2015! Notice that I didn’t copy her style directly, but I mirrored it in many ways. In the picture above, I haven’t glued down the book papers yet, but I did start documenting calendar items along the side using Distress Ink markers and a Utra Fine tipped Sharpie.


This picture shows the stamps I used on the calendar area of the layout, and how I measured everything out before figuring out the placement of the book papers. I received this set of stamps (love the wooden box!) from my mother for Christmas and I love that I’ve been breaking them in on the cover and page of this project.


Speaking of the cover, I was right, I am inspired to add more to it as I work on the pages within this journal. I used my Galaxy Marker (It’s the first time I’ve used this white marker despite having it for months – love this thing!) to doodle around the painted area. Tonight, when I work more on my page spreads, I’m going to add the word “Discover” to the area where I have the marker placed.

All participants in The Documented Life Project have been encouraged to choose a “word” for this year. I’ve decided to choose the word “Discover” because I’m turning 40 on January 14th and, as everyone knows, that’s a monumental (milestone?) celebration. Therefore, I’ve decided to make this a year of discoveries. Who knows how that will translate!? :D

Happy New Year 2015!


From our family to yours, we want to wish you a
happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!