Expanding Upon Platforms for Better Potential


This is my latest creation available on all platforms except FAA.

I keep forgetting I have two – TWO – websites at my disposal I can do anything I want with anytime I want. There are so many opportunities I can embrace with these websites (this one included), as well as the blogs I have on:

My other site, Maine-ly Motherhood, hasn’t been updated in over a month. BAD. That is SO bad. Google has likely pushed into the seven-ty billion-th spot with regards to ranking. It’s just horrible. I have to – HAVE TO – stop forgetting about my sites while working so hard to build up everyone else’s businesses.

That being said, these sites are going to be the foundations for the various businesses I have. I’ve been talking up my newest adventure on social media quite a bit, but I haven’t written at length about it nearly enough.

Photography and product design:

This is ALL Still NEW:

While still being in its infancy having just launched July 13th, I’m seeing some successes from my efforts. There are sales (three…better than zero!), there are views (in the thousands on all seller platforms…better than double digits!), and there are social media shares (better than being ignored!). I view ALL of this is as success having only been at it for five weeks.

TONS of Products!

My goal is to add new products to at least one or more seller platform daily or at least every other day. Each time I walk my puppy (Sophie – cutest puppy in the world), I take between ten and one hundred (I know, that’s a big difference – it depends on the weather and how long we stay out) photographs. Then, I edit them and choose which ones are destined for the recycling bin or for sale. Depending on how much other work I have scheduled in that day, I try to get the designs up. In keeping with this pace, I now have (literally) thousands of products available for everyone to choose from.

Falling Behind on Zazzle – NO!!

So far, my Zazzle.com is taking the biggest hit on this plan because it takes a LONG time getting the designs up. All the rest of the platforms are automated and every product is created at the same time when a photograph is uploaded. The one-click uploading feature is so fast, and then all I have to do is some simple tweaks and edits after that to make sure the photograph is positioned correctly. In Zazzle.com, though, you have to create every single product individually, add the image, re-size it, choose a category, write a separate description, add tags, and add it to a collection . . . it takes all day to create 50 products in comparison to a half hour to create 500 on all of my other platforms combined. So, I’m REALLY behind on that site. I’m frustrated because that site is also where I received my first sale. Therefore, I MUST catch up!

At this point in the game, I’m developing a strategy so content marketing isn’t only focused on social media. I like the discussions occurring over there, but I can’t forget about my beloved websites, as well as the opportunities for sharing information, shopping opportunities, and content here. That is, after all, the point of building up these animals . . . right?

Thank you to those who have been joining me on my new adventure! I can’t wait to add mixed-media art back into the foray, but that will have to wait until my studio is complete. Yes, I’m still waiting for that to happen. My husband has been out-straight all summer, so this project is on hold for the time being. I’m a patient, go with the flow person. So, I don’t mind waiting . . . but . . . I’m, still REALLY excited for when it is eventually finished! {smiles}

SOLD: Springtime Tree Themed Key Chain

Kicking Off a New Month!



How is it the first day of September already? I can’t believe how fast August flew by . . . well . . . the entire summer, for that matter! I did some preliminary calculations for business reporting last night and, for the month of August, here are my accomplishments:

203 jobs completed:

  • 104: editing
  • 99: writing

Launched design business:

  • CafePress: 46 design collections; nearly 10,000 products
  • FineArtAmerica: 25 design collections; 250 products
  • RedBubble: 8 collections; 105 designs; over 5,000 products
  • Society6: 15 designs (this account needs a lot of work!)
  • Zazzle: 58 collections; 807 products

September is shaping up to be an awesome month for writing and editing, too. I have assignments lined up for each, and I’m pitching more each time opportunities come my way. I’m also working on more designs for each of my shops daily, as well. I didn’t have time to work on any of my shops yesterday (aside for a tiny bit of marketing first thing in the morning – nothing major), and the numbers reflect that. So, I have to carve time out DAILY for this business.

Are you tracking data for your businesses? How do you manage your business reporting? Throughout the month, I write everything down in a notebook (I work better with pen and paper as I type a long) into columns – job number (if there is one), title, status, and payment. It works for me. For August, I accumulated six pages of columned tracking for my writing and editing work. It really helped me stay organized and on track – plus, when something was returned to me, I could easily refer back to see when it was submitted, and so on, when I needed to dig through files in my computer.

Okay, enough babbling. Welcome to September! I hope your month is prosperous!

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New Product: Orange Tree 8×10 With Easel Plaques

Orange Tree 8x10 With Easel Plaques
Orange Tree 8×10 With Easel Plaques by Artist_Writer_2014
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New Product: Orange Tree Custom Fleece Blanket, 30″x40″ Fleece Blanket

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