Jenn’s Career Turns FIFTEEN This Month!


The birth of my career took place one month (nearly to do the day) before the birth of my first child, as crazy as that sounds. Yes, I decided to become a professional freelance writer while I was pregnant and my first clip was earned on November 26, 1999. On that date is when I decided to mark the day my career officially began. Sure, I had many unpaid pieces here and there and I had thousands of pieces either completed or uncompleted … some were read and some were unread.

My first “paying gig” was on the now defunct, – you can read more about it on this wiki: HERE. I wrote four articles per month for a whopping $25.00 and then I switched over to two articles for $15.00 per month. I wasn’t doing it to get rich, but it helped lead to other things. Immediately following, I also started writing for the (also defunct) and (recently defunct) Why did I choose to write for places like these, you ask? I wanted to be in a community environment where I could get a LOT of practice, be hit with a LOT of eyes daily, and have a LOT of feedback….and I did (to all three…FAST.)

Fast-forward fifteen years later and I have much better websites with my byline, I have a few print publications (example), I have a tiny bit of newspaper editing experience, I have a tiny bit of magazine copy editing experience, I’ve edited some books, I’ve written some books, I’ve done some professional blogging, and I’ve done a LOT of ghostwriting (mostly articles and blogs). My career has taken me to Daytona, Florida and Topeka, Kansas to help authors with their books, and I’ve talked about my books on the radio.

Having a career growing alongside my children (my two sons and my stepdaughter – they were two, three, and four when my husband and I merged our families together) was a challenge and a blessing at the same time. Not only did I get to see and have a hand in my children growing up, but they inspired quite a bit of my work. They continue to do so to this very day which, in itself, is an amazing thing. Even after all this time, I tend to wonder if they still have any idea what it is I “exactly” do . . . but they’re still young (almost 13, just turned 14, and almost 15).

Many of you have helped me along the way in many ways. I want to send out a heartfelt thank you. I hope you know that I mean it when I say I couldn’t have done it without you – your support, encouragement, thoughts, well-wishes, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to, and so much more. Having the kind of support system I’ve had over the years has kept me going and for that I’m so grateful. I love you guys!

{Yes, this is where we break out into song – Kumbaya sounds about right!}


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