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During this coming week, I’ll be updating my story with the unsold art I’ve featured in shows throughout the summer months! You can see these updates on the following link:

Jenn Greenleaf: ArtistWriter’s Shop

In addition to these listings, I’ll also have new mixed-media journals, blank journals, handmade envelopes, and mixed-media artists packs available. I’m also working on a new book featuring all of the art projects I work on with campers throughout the summer. Stay tuned!


Summer Camp is Over!

I can’t believe summer camp is over!

My time as the Arts & Crafts Director at Boothbay Region YMCA Camp Knickerbocker has come to a close for this summer as yesterday was our last day of summer camp. We finished off the day by playing in the bounce house and enjoying ice cream sandwiches! Those who have accounts and “like” the Boothbay Region YMCA Camp Knickerbocker page can see pics HERE.

As part of the final week of camp, I closed down the Arts & Crafts building and did a final clean out. The building is ready for next year and I took home all the samples I created throughout the summer (that were not “kit” art projects from a box). They are pictured here:

I was able to pack everything up in a "gift box" art project we created during week four.

I was able to pack everything up in a “gift box” art project we created during week four.


This is what it all looks like spread out on my table.

This is what it all looks like spread out on my table.


I’ve been encouraged to write a book about all of the arts and crafts projects I created with the campers throughout the summer. There are quite a few that aren’t pictured here (like the sun crayons, dream catchers, toilet paper roll flowers, yarn vases, etc.), and a lot of the “kit” projects could easily be adapted into projects that could be completed with materials from around the house or from the craft store. So, I’m giving this idea some serious thought.

Now that I’m finished with this job, I’m about to embark upon my others – substitute teaching for the Boothbay Region school system, freelance writing like I have since 1999, and resident art teaching for L/A Arts. I’m looking forward to the transition! School starts September 2nd, so I’m not sure sure when I’ll be called in for subbing or for L/A Arts, so I’ll jump right into freelance writing. I’m also still active with art shows for those of you who are wondering. :D

Boothbay Region Art Foundation: August Show


I’m sorry I’m late with this posting, but I wanted to remind everyone that I currently have one piece on exhibit in the Boothbay Region Art Foundation’s August Member Show. Here are the particulars for this showing:

Members’ Show, July 30 – August 25

  • Open Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5
  • First Friday Art Tour, Open House and Reception, August 1.

You can find more events I’m am participating in throughout the rest of the year on the following page: Jenn’s Events. This page is updated frequently so be sure to check often!

Thank you for your interest and continued support!

The First Annual Camp Knickerbocker Art Show

On August 7th, during Camp Carnival, we held the first ever “Camp Knickerbocker Art Show” in the Arts & Crafts Center. I was in there doing Sharpie Tie Dye with those who visited the carnival (I love this craft! Learn how to do it HERE.), so it was a great opportunity to talk to parents and other carnival go-ers about art at the same time!

Here are some images I took when I was finished hanging everything for the show: (Click each image to enlarge)








I forgot to take pictures when people started showing up, and then I had to help children with the tie dying craft. I heard some people taking pictures of us, so hopefully some of those will surface. If they do and I receive permission to share them, they will appear in a future update.

I’m looking forward to next year’s “Second Annual Camp Knickerbocker Art Show!”

Well, Hello There Website Update!

SUZI THAYER/Boothbay Register

SUZI THAYER/Boothbay Register

It’s only been a week since my last update? Amazing. I’m getting better! The old “organized and on top of all things writing related – Jenn” could be coming back into existence, folks! I’ve been working as substitute teacher, artist, and art teacher for so long that I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to write for hours and hours daily.

I’ve got book ideas brewing.

They want to come out.

And they will . . . not yet, though. There are still too many “arty-teacher-y” things going on. (Which I, of course, am in love with.)

Boothbay YMCA Camp Knickerbocker is headed into its “Mad Scientist” theme starting tomorrow and, I’m coming to be frank, I’ve been looking forward to this lesson plan since I received the curriculum. I-can’t-wait!!!!!!!

{{dances around in circles}}

Here’s what I have planned:

  • Tea staining paper (and, once that paper is dried, we’re going to make mini-books and envelopes out of it)
  • Papermaking out of recycled book pages and paper scraps
  • Candle making out of old, broken up crayon stubs
  • Bubble painting

I even have black plastic glasses with round frames and white aprons for the young kids to wear so they can dress up as a “Mad Scientist” while we play in the Art Room! I have spray bottles, droppers, and other bottles to use for other projects that I’ll reveal throughout the week. I’m so excited – it’s going to be so much fun!

I’m looking forward to taking pictures of the campers’ creations and of them having fun! In the meantime, The Boothbay Register just featured and article and a pictorial of Camp K having fun! Here are the links:

During “Mad Scientist” week, campers will also be making bubbles and tie-dyeing t-shirts as part of their theme activities! Now do you see why writing is taking the back-burner? There’s so much going on – it’s so exciting! I haven’t picked up a paintbrush or any other medium to do my own work, either, because I’ve been so focused on the excitement surrounding Camp K – and I love that!

Which reminds me – I still have a painting hanging in a show at Boothbay Region Art Foundation at 1 Townsend Avenue in Boothbay Harbor if anyone would like to go check that out. I still need to pop in there to have my traditional “this is Jenn standing next to her painting” picture taken.