Ready? Set. Go! The Ghost Writer: Fear of the Pen


I’ve been working on light promotion for my unfinished novel, The Ghost Writer: Fear of the Pen. My goal is to finish this book by the time my 40th birthday rolls around. This may seem like a far-fetched goal had I not already started the project….cough…four years ago. I had to trunk the project twice, so I worried I would never finish.

I set up a Facebook page for the book two years ago and resurrected it day before yesterday and it’s already up to 62 likes – yay! I need all the cheerleaders I can get at this point.

Now, you’re probably wondering when my 40th birthday is….it’s January 14th. I’m finishing the “meat” of this manuscript during the NaNoWriMo challenge, and then I’m going to hunt for beta readers. It’s at the point that the editing process will begin. Inconsistencies will be found, continuity errors will creep up, grammar errors will haunt me, and other errors notes will come through my email.

This is because the first draft of every novel, no matter how perfect the writer thinks it is, is utter crap. Plain and simple. I know this is true of mine. Being realistic is an important part of the writing process.

I also set up a Pinterest inspiration board (I think that was also two years ago) to help keep me inspired and motivated. That board has remained active over the years but, I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve kept it updated. I have many followers over there and I’m going to add more to it throughout the NaNoWriMo challenge. Visuals like that help keep me going.

Are YOU participating in the NaNoWriMo challenge?

Other Outdoor Writing or Art Studios?


Michael Pollan’s writing hut.

I’ve been researching other outdoor studios and what I’ve learned is coined as “writing sheds.” I’ve found:

I love how popular this is across the globe! Do YOU know anyone who had their own outdoor room, building, shed, shack, or hut? Whatever it’s called, it’s an amazing space! I’ll leave you with this person’s Pinterest collection:

Outdoor Studio Retreats for Art and Writing

Mini Outdoor Studio: Still Underway


During every free moment my husband has, he’s been working on the studio – he showed me his progress the other night and I’m so excited with how much he’s accomplished! Half of the shingles on the exterior have been stripped off, the sill plates along the bottom edge have been replaced, and the old work bench on the inside has been ripped out.

We’re going to try to reclaim as much of the old wood from the workbench as possible because it’s really thick and in great condition. We’re thinking it would hold up great when rebuild into a set of bookshelves. My husband has been saving reclaimed materials from other rehab projects, too, that we’re going to rebuild into bookshelves as well.

I have other pictures I’m going to share in future posts. I think they’ll make more sense as before and after shots, though. So, until then, I’ll leave you with this close up shot of the name plate that was made by my brother-in-law many years ago when he was in woodshop in high school. My father-in-law hung it up on this building and this is where it will stay. :)

Daisies Mixed-Media Painting


You can now purchase my Daisies themed mixed-media painting in my shop! I listed it yesterday here:

Original OOAK 12 x 12 Mixed-Media Painting: Daisies Theme

Please let me know if you have any questions about this piece.

Thank you for checking out my shop!

The Creation of a Mini Outdoor Studio


It was being backed into it’s spot in this shot.


This is pretty close to where it’s going to be placed on the property. It’s going to be set back a bit further and to the left a bit more.

My husband has planned on bringing a building on to our property ever since our move to Boothbay seventeen months ago, but schedules haven’t allowed for such a project . . . until this weekend.


This was once his father’s workshop, and then it became my husband’s workshop, and now it’s mine. My husband is going to convert it into an art and writing studio for me over the winter so it will be ready for me to use in the spring.

The building measures 12 feet by 16 feet and the interior is completely open, so I have access right up to the pitch of the roof to store easels and whatever else. There are windows on one side, and my husband is going to install a window on the other. He’s also going to build a miniature farmer’s porch on the front so we can have two chairs out there with a screened in area.


Last year, he purchased a monitor heater and we just need to get a fuel barrel for it now. He’s already been storing all of the materials to complete the renovation he has planned. Two nights ago, we purchased the rest of what is needed for next to nothing because we were able to talk the sales associate into giving us 50% off of about half of the supplies. (*it was nice to introduce my husband to bargaining and “that” type of couponing)


Yesterday, he had the day off, so he and my stepdaughter (it was absolutely adorable) had some “daddy and daughter” bonding time while they worked on demolition of some of the exterior portions of the building. I’ll take photographs of that for a future post. I’m also going to photograph some before shots of the interior so I can do a before and after montage.

Stay tuned for more!