An Overview of the Twisted Turbine

Developer As shown in Flower Fortunes Megaways and even more so in Desert Shark, Fantasma Games is fond of using out-of-the-ordinary themes in their games. Twisted Turbine, one of their futuristic-themed slots, features gameplay that is just as out of the ordinary. There are various aspects, such as a unique grid arrangement, that require actual gameplay to properly understand. Let’s dissect the paytable’s many regulations in order to get to the meat of what Twisted Turbine is all about.

While the most recent Fantasma machines focused on fantastical themes, the futuristic Twisted Turbine takes a different approach. The 5-reel grid area depicts a robotic-filled industry or laboratory. The grid itself revolves on a massive revolving turbine, while devices and monitoring litter the area. The Iron Giant, a Warner Bros. Animation Group production from 1999, appears to have served as a major source of inspiration for the robots’ design. Stop playing the machines and go see it if you haven’t already.

The grid is set up in a 5-3-1-3-5 shape, which is a little different from what you’re probably used to seeing. If there was just one sign on the middle reel, the odds of getting a winning combination would be drastically reduced. The 225 possible outcomes in Twisted Turbine’s win-all-ways method are an attempt to make up for this. Here, you win if you get at least three matching symbols on any active payline, beginning on any reel.

The game’s high volatility and 96.51% RTP rating, playable from 20 p/c to $/€100 each spin, make for a compelling proposition. Because of the nature of how features accumulate, there is the potential for significant amounts of dead spinning to occur.

You’ll also immediately notice that the symbols only come in two colors: red and blue. Each color family has four distinct items: nuts and bolts, batteries, fire and electricity, and robots. Due to the fact that only one symbol can appear on the center reel, each spin can yield a prize for just one distinct color combination.

Values for five of a kind range from half to two times the wager, making them not very useful for one-time payouts. The golden ‘W’ wild sign is useful, as it may stand in for any other regular symbol.

Features of a Toroidal Turbine

Friends, hold on to your hats; Twisted Turbine is a challenging game. After a while, the game’s rules will make more sense to you. Until then, it may be difficult to put the procedure into writing, but here we go anyhow.

The action kicks off with the Avalanche feature, wherein winning combos are paid out and the associated symbols are removed. additional winning combinations are created when additional symbols cascade down the screen.

Let’s take a high level look at the Twisted Robot Credit victory because it contains a lot of specifics. The Turbine Robot meter is topped out after every two consecutive wins with the same colored symbol. A credit win equal to one times the wager is also accumulated and shown on the Robot’s screen. When the bottom Turbine Robot meter is at its maximum, the Twisted Turbine function causes a 180 degree rotation of the grid. The rotation of the grid increases a multiplier, which in the original game may reach a maximum of x20.

The sum shown on the Robots’ screens at the end of an avalanche sequence is multiplied by the multiplier. Every time the base game is played, the multiplier is reset to 1.

The power symbol in blue and orange represents the scatter. Scatters trigger 10, 15, or 20 free games when 3, 4, or 5 appear at the conclusion of an avalanche. The meters and displays on the Turbine Robot do not reset during free spins. Furthermore, the multiplier can rise to a maximum of x50. Landing 3 or 4 scatters during the feature awards 10 or 15 more free spins, respectively, so players can keep the good times rolling.

Opinion on the Twisted Turbine

It’s possible that the “features” section didn’t make much sense. The goal is to make the avalanche last as long as possible. They accumulate rewards in the Robot’s screens and get multipliers as they go. This process is particularly exciting during free spins because it does not require a reset. The longer you keep the turbine spinning, the higher your chances of winning the game’s staggering jackpot of 9,500 times your initial wager.

However, you may need quite a bit of patience to do this. At times, progress in Twisted Turbine may seem sluggish. If you want your slot games to progress at a steady clip, you might want to look elsewhere. Intricacy increases. Having an engineering background is helpful, but not required, for understanding how everything works.

Slot machine Twisted Turbine belongs to the snowball subgenre. With just one spin, you may set in motion a series of events—some short and others long—that can earn you a lot of Twisted Robot Credits and multipliers. You’ll need them, too, to make up for the substantial wait times that are inevitable in playing this kind of slot machine.

When everything is taken into account, it becomes clear that Fantasma Games has done an excellent job of combining a novel reel layout, a win-all-ways system, and a number of complex features. Twisted Turbine manages to keep its bearings without sinking under the weight of its many moving parts because of their appropriate placement. You might enjoy Twisted Turbine if you prefer your spins to develop into complex storylines.