Five Times Pay Online Slot Rating and reviews

IGT’s Five Times Pay could be the perfect game for you if you’re looking for a straightforward, old-school slot machine that nevertheless offers the chance to win big money if you’re lucky. You may now spin these reels on your desktop computer, despite the fact that it has already been an enormous hit in land-based casinos all around the globe. However, due to the game’s advanced age, a mobile version is not yet in development and is thus not now accessible.

The visuals are undeniably from a bygone era as well, which may be a problem for some people or may be precisely the kind of design that appeals to others. The screen is covered with sevens, cherries, and BARs. We thought the Five Times Pays slot machine had a lot of character, and we believe other players will feel the same way about its many bonus features.

These include a wild symbol that, if you can guess correctly, will double your earnings by a factor of five. If you are lucky enough to line up wild symbols along the only payline, you might win the top jackpot payout of up to 15,000.00!

The Five Times Pays slot machine is ideal for those who have never played a game before since it has a straightforward layout with just three reels and one payline. But the multipliers and the opportunity to win substantial jackpots will almost surely pique the interest of more seasoned gamblers as well. The game has a high volatility, which means that it might take many spins before you score a winning combination. However, when the reasonably substantial winnings do come your way, you will realize that the wait was well worth it.

You may try out the demo version of Five Times Pay at no cost, but if you want to win real money, you should go to one of the best online casinos and see if you can get those precious symbols to line up in a winning formation.

Controls and Configuration for the Five Times Pay Slot Machine

A plain game such as Five Times Pay, with its easy control choices, is just what you would expect from a game of this kind. You just choose the value of a coin, which can be set anywhere between 0.01, and 5.00, and then pick whether to play with 1, 2, or 3 coins. The value of a coin may be altered between 0.01, and 5.00.

It allows you to wager a maximum of 15.00 each spin, which high rollers may find insufficient for their needs. However, when rewards of 1,000 times the stake, or 15,000.00, are ready to be claimed, most of us should find this to be acceptable.

There is a difference in the jackpot rewards depending on whether you play with one, two, or three coins. We’ll go back to this topic in a little, but in the meantime, here’s a helpful hint. Play with three coins, and alter the value of each coin to fit your available funds. This results in a minimum bet of only 0.03 every spin, but it significantly increases the possible jackpot. It also guarantees that the average return to players percentage climbs to the maximum of over 95 percent, which is fairly high for a traditional three-reeler game. This is a useful feature.

Gameplay and Extra Features of the Five Times Pay Slot Machine

The reels are arranged against a black backdrop in the most fundamental design. Slots aficionados will find that the conventional symbols are rendered in a traditional way that is extremely recognizable to them. All of the information on the paytable may be seen directly on the screen to the right of the reels, along with specifics regarding the functioning of the bonus round. It couldn’t be easier, actually.

You will be awarded prizes if you manage to line up symbols along the payline that is located in the middle of the reels. Lots of those winnings will come from the Cherries symbol, which is worth merely 10 coins when it crosses the reels. But you can win consolation rewards of 2 or 5 coins when it pauses on only 1 or 2 reels.

A single bar, a double bar, and a triple bar are some more traditional fruit machine icons that may be found here. Any combination pays 5 coins. Purple and red 7’s return some of the finest victories. The game logo is the emblem on the Five Times Pay slot machine that really elevates the machine to the level of attention that it deserves.

This sign is impossible to miss since it has a large number 5 over its whole surface. It is a unique wild symbol that may perform its standard function of substituting for any other symbol on the payline if that is what is required to achieve a winning combination of symbols. However, it also increases the value of the symbol by a factor of five over and above its initial value.

But wait, it gets better. If there were two wild symbols across the line, the value of the other symbol would be five times five, which, as we are well aware, is equivalent to a 25x multiplier. Landing wild symbols straight across the payline will see a jackpot payout paid.

This is where it pays to activate all 3 coins. The prize for a game that just requires one coin to play is a hefty two thousand coins. If you play with two coins, instead of the jackpot doubling, it will increase to 5,000 coins if you win. If you bet the maximum of three coins, you have the chance to win an incredible 15,000 coins if the wild symbol appears anywhere on the payline.